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Transferred the website as Nifty no longer provides hosting service. Some links may be missing.
Happy new year! Added a vid to Elin's page.
There has been many illustrations of Elona since it was released 10 years ago  and I thought I should share some of them here. The first one was created by MT and the latter by NZ.

Added an introduction page of Elin.
Elona Forum has been restored by virtue of JDStroy.
Just a quick note. Elona Graphic Pack has been updated to version1.4.  
Added the Elona Graphic Pack made by Odabutsu to the download section. If you like to customize the appearance of your characters, I strongly recommend that you apply the pack. There're varieties of new skin tones and race/age specific bodies as well as many new clothes and accessories to dress up your pc.

The version 1.19 of Elona has been removed due to some copyright problem in the recent change in item graphic. Sorry. 1.20 should be released by the end of this month.
I think I forgot to include version_en.txt in the previous versions. Here is a beta release of Elona. elona119.zip.
Deleted old news and added a link to Dattan's blog.
Happy Christmas! Uploaded elona_xmas.zip(Elona Christmas Version about27MB). Enjoy!

* Added New Year's monetary gift. Given from friendly adventurers in January.

* Holy Night Festival in Noyel.

* Other small bonus features.

Finally, released Elona Shooter. The game is my first flash game and actually it got only small connection with Elona(Couldn't come up with a better name). Anyway, thanks to all the people who helped me finish the game and I hope you'll enjoy this small game!

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