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Answers from noa (Translated by ChatGPT)


* During the pre-beta period, your feedback and bug reports from the alpha version are still very welcome.



* Save data from the alpha version will only be usable in the alpha version of Elin, and save data from the beta version will only be usable in the beta version of Elin. I plan to maintain save data compatibility as much as possible after Early Access, but major updates may lead to compatibility issues with older versions.

* The alpha version of Elin will be still playable during the pre-beta phase.

* I plan to test support for Steam Cloud during the pre-beta phase.

* For the distribution of Kickstarter digital rewards, I plan to distribute them through a special Elin Steam key where the rewards are activated. However, this is my first time publishing a game on Steam, and depending on the specifications of the Steam Store, it may be necessary to distribute the game and its bonus DLC as separate keys.

* The pre-beta phase is a development preparation period before entering the beta phase, and updates during this time are currently planned to be private. This is because the pre-beta period may include significant balance changes and updates that could affect game compatibility.

* The "Elin Steam game key" from Kickstarter can be used from Early Access and will continue to be usable after the official release.

* I plan to add the remaining gods' body pillows as casino prizes (the implementation of the effects of the body pillows is planned to be gradual after Early Access).

* Regarding experience points while riding, I plan to make pets easier to level up in the future (the experience points from riding are affected by the pet's internal level, not the value of the pet's riding skill).

* The platform water tiles were disabled in the last update due to glitches. I hope to restore them once I am able to resolve the glitches.

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